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Discover Mobile Street, People's big nipples Shocked At Open "Casing"

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Suara.com - Find the goods in a public place, it is sometimes unexpected never before. Examples such as the story of a man named Alex Brutal these Beckford.

He found an iPhone on his way home. As jav an honest man, Alex tried to call the owner through Siri feature, but unfortunately the phone battery died.

He can not do anything until she recharge the battery. But as he releases "casing" the phone, he found a note on the back. He was surprised.

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Then, he was told on facebook:

"I found the iPhone tonight on the way home from work and I am a good person trying to find the owner by using Siri but the phone was dead."

"So half an hour later I was in the bar and it occurred to me to check the back of the phone casing and I found this note".

Which made her surprise, the short letter containing a suicide note written by the owner of the phone, addressed to the person who found the cell phone.

"This is my suicide note. I have left i…

Dell Perkenalkan Dua Produk AIO dan Dekstop Gaming

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Available beginning today at Dell.com and in retail stores in China, including in JD.com, while the worldwide availability will be announced more new lineup of Dell Inspiron 27 includes 7000 All-in-One (AIO ), the Inspiron 24 5000 All-in-One (AIO) and Inspiron gaming desktop , desktop gaming first Inspiron gaming lineup.

Dell brings mainstream leading innovation in the industry with a new system that presents a number of innovations first Porn MILF in the line of desktop Inspiron, including screen InfinityEdge iconic almost limitless and configuration Ready for VR that can deliver a gaming experience that is exceptional using the headset VR high-end , such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Screen technology InfinityEdge immersive almost limitless from Dell, who was present for the first time in the ranks Inspiron AIO, Inspiron 27 7000 AIO and Inspiron 24 5000 AIO new Dell offers the experience of viewing an edge-edge dazzling for multimedia entertainment and streaming , in a slim and compa…

Xiaomi Mi 6, Luxury and big porn Full Power

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Jakarta - After various variants Mi 5 that a mobile phone Xiaomi hero during 2016, from China's hero is now launching a brand-new flagship phone, the Mi 6. What does the performance of phones are sold with prices starting at $ 360, or about Rp 4.7 million?


Admittedly, Xiaomi such jav free lengths gives a luxurious appearance on Mi 6. And the hard work paid off when he saw and held Mi 6, because this phone really feels when comfortably in the hand, not just because the material but also the size fits in the hand ,

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Xiaomi Mi 6, Luxury and Full PowerXiaomi Mi 6. Photo: detikINET - Suryo Anggoro Jati
When it was first held, Mi 6 feels like some of the flagship phone of Samsung, for example Note 7 and S6. Unit Accepted Mi 6 detikINET black and not the version of ceramic, but glass. This material is shiny, it looks fancy but will often become dirty because its fingerprint magnet.

The whole body feels like Mi 6 made of glass, but it is not. The edge of the phone is …