Xiaomi Mi 6, Luxury and big porn Full Power

Jakarta - After various variants Mi 5 that a mobile phone Xiaomi hero during 2016, from China's hero is now launching a brand-new flagship phone, the Mi 6. What does the performance of phones are sold with prices starting at $ 360, or about Rp 4.7 million?


Admittedly, Xiaomi such jav free lengths gives a luxurious appearance on Mi 6. And the hard work paid off when he saw and held Mi 6, because this phone really feels when comfortably in the hand, not just because the material but also the size fits in the hand ,

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Xiaomi Mi 6, Luxury and Full PowerXiaomi Mi 6. Photo: detikINET - Suryo Anggoro Jati
When it was first held, Mi 6 feels like some of the flagship phone of Samsung, for example Note 7 and S6. Unit Accepted Mi 6 detikINET black and not the version of ceramic, but glass. This material is shiny, it looks fancy but will often become dirty because its fingerprint magnet.

The whole body feels like Mi 6 made of glass, but it is not. The edge of the phone is made of stainless steel, which makes it feel solid (and heavy) too cold. At the front there is a fairly thick bezel, compared to most mobile phones today are almost no frame.

Screen 5.15 inchnya escorted by two large bezel on the top and bottom. At the top of the store speakers, front-facing camera and various sensors such as proximity sensors. While the lower part is filled by a home button that doubles the fingerprint sensor as well as two other capacitive buttons.

Oh yes, the fingerprint sensor is very quick in recognizing the user's fingerprint and is compatible with a wide range of applications that support the use of the fingerprint sensor. Because Mi 6 use Nougat Android-based OS that supports the use of API Fingerprint.


If mobile phone manufacturers competing to provide the screen resolution and bigger, not so with Xiaomi. Mi-6 still uses 5.15-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p.

Xiaomi Mi 6, Luxury and Full PowerXiaomi Mi 6. Photo: detikINET - Suryo Anggoro Jati
But the screen is not at all a bad quality. IPS panel used Mi-6 can display dazzling colors, unlike most of the IPS panels which usually results in natural color.

Maybe for some people, the resulting color screen Mi 6 has a saturation is too high, even higher than the AMOLED panel. However, excessive saturation appears only when the phone is used in a very bright spot, so that the screen remains visible.

Mi six screen color temperature can also be set according to user preferences. Temperatures ranging from 'warm' or 'cold' or mediocre.



Here Mi 6 appears very bright, with a very high specification and performance benchmarks which overtook almost all the devices that exist today. Mi 6 uses the Snapdragon 835 coupled with Adreno 540 GPU and RAM 6 GB. When dibenchmark with a number of popular applications, performance can overtake Galaxy S8.

Xiaomi Mi 6, Luxury and Full PowerPhoto: detikINET - Suryo Anggoro Jati
But whatever the meaning of the benchmark if not convenient to use everyday. Fortunately the high benchmark results was offset by user experience without lag. Switching from one application to another application very smoothly, also can bulldoze heavy games that exist today.

It's just that sometimes Mi-6 was warm in the hand, which is usually followed by the appearance of a warning notification that the phone temperature reaches 45 degrees. This notification can set the temperature, from 40 to 48 degrees, or turned off completely as we did because this notification too often.

Keep in mind, the ROM is used in the review unit detikINET using global beta ROM, MIUI is, as opposed to when it was first received, which still uses the Chinese ROM.

And the difference this ROM has a lot of influence on many sectors, such as the performance and quality of the resulting image. And could have been on ROM we use is not maximized performance.


detikINET quite curious about the camera performance Mi-6, due to the use of two camera system similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. Namely two cameras with different focal length, normal and telephoto.

Xiaomi Mi 6, Luxury and Full PowerXiaomi Mi 6Foto: detikINET - Suryo Anggoro Jati
But arguably the performance of the camera disappointing when we first received the review unit Mi 6. Presence of disturbing noise in the photo rather dark room, as well as a bad image detail, both in normal and telenya camera.

Luckily when changing the ROM to be global beta, improved camera performance. Details of the resulting image is excellent, too much noise is reduced in poorly lit rooms.

Two Mi-6 rear camera Porn Streaming has a resolution of 12 megapixels respectively. The difference lies in the lens. The first camera has 27 mm equivalent focal length to aperture f / 1.8, while the second camera has 52 mm equivalent focal length to aperture f / 2.6. While the front 8-megapixel camera capable of recording video 8 megapixels.

Xiaomi Mi 6, Luxury and Full PowerPhoto: detikINET - Suryo Anggoro Jati
Such a dual camera system similar to that applied on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Even between Mi 6 and iPhone 7 Plus both have a portrait mode feature, which can produce images with bokeh like photos taken with a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a fixed lens berbukaan great.

Examples portrait modeExamples portrait mode Photo: detikINET - Suryo Anggoro Jati
Even the requirement to enable this mode is the same portrait. That is a considerable distance between the object with a camera and light are quite a lot. More about the features of the camera at the Mi 6 20detik video can be seen at this link.

About the images of Mi 6 is also associated with the screens used in this phone. Some of the resulting image looks has the color saturation is too high, but when seen in other devices - detikINET using the Mi-Pad and iPad 2 - turns to normal color saturation is not an overstatement.


Xiaomi very proud to immerse 3,350 mAh battery on the body Mi 6 are relatively small. To the extent that they have to eliminate the 3.5 mm audio port in order to use the battery for it.

Xiaomi Mi 6, Luxury and Full PowerPhoto: detikINET - Suryo Anggoro Jati
But the unit Mi 6 detikINET test, it's still too wasteful battery consumption. Although the actual high battery consumption is considered reasonable for Mi 6 use the Snapdragon 835, which incidentally is the fastest Qualcomm chips today.

However, it should be noted also, Mi 6 only uses 5.15-inch 1080p screen that should not suck a lot of power. Mi 6 we separated from the battery charger within full by 6:30 am, and at 15:00 the battery remaining 35% with the screen on time is only 1 hour 22 minutes.

Though its use is fairly normal. As the use of social media such as Facebook, Path, Twitter and messaging applications like Jav Video WhatsApp and Telegram and stream music from Spotify approximately 1 hour, and listened through earphones connected with a USB adapter-C to 3.5 mm.

Perhaps this is because - again - because of global beta ROM that we use. But for the time this review was written there was no other option for Mi ROM 6, except the Chinese ROM that is not compatible with Google Play Services.


A little hard to conclude for Mi 6 today, the article of the performance is still constantly changing in accordance with the ROM used. Mi Unit 6 worn by detikINET itself is now twice received global beta ROM updates, and the ROM that have different performance, better benchmark scores and battery life.

But on paper, Mi 6 is a phone with a fancy design that has a top-class specifications, but the price is relatively affordable for a flagship phone. The quality was fairly good camera, with a portrait mode that can produce images with sufficiently attractive bokeh. (ASJ / ASJ)


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