Disease Interstitial Cystitis and ex girlfriend revenge it dominated my life

The pain began around about the time I started on level 3. I'm sitting in English class, try to focus the analysis of Shakespeare's works, but can't focus because the floating sensation of pain does not end and full of stasis where the bladder. Even after going to the bathroom, the pain still not lost, at times uncomfortable ache pain, bouncing, extremely horrible.

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Take up to 15 years, I know exactly yourself sick cystitis interstitial (interstitial cystitis)-a genetic disorder that affects 12 million people in the US, 90% of which are women. This means that 3-6% of American women suffer from interstitial cystitis, also known as painful bladder syndrome.

The grief and worry he dominated my whole life. I must make sure I go potty before leaving home. I'm on the toilet once again need to and just before leaving. I worry about the trip by car, flights, go to the movies, listen to music and wherever there is no convenient restroom or where the toilet can cause disruption to ongoing events , disturb people I are chatting.

I have also avoided many of the event, postponed many plans based on the fear that he could not go to the bathroom when needed. When I fall in love scenes could not figure out where to place "needs", I panicked and found himself as confined, imprisoned. All what I think that is when I can go to the bathroom. This feeling made me focus on the bladder. The result is just as possible increases the need to go to my toilet.

For the 1-2, I must again into the restroom. My sleep was torn because this schedule is maintained at all during the night. But regardless I pee several times, the pain is still there, rarely disappear completely, only temporarily abated after I go to the bathroom or the use of drugs without prescription such as Azo.


Not until May 2016 years, right when I saw the first female urology specialists of me, in the end, I was diagnosed correctly. Chronic inflammation in the urinary bladder was causing the pain as well as the thin, weak bladder causing increased nerve sensitivity. This is a real syndrome, with true diagnosis and treatment was FDA (food and Drug Administration product in the United States).

Although in the end I also know themselves what disease, my war has yet to end. No medicine cure interstitial cystitis. Current therapy has a lot of side effects and are through countless times to try new-wrong can know what type would suit me.

If you have never heard of the disease interstitial cystitis, I'm also not surprised. Many specialists of the urinary tract (and according to my experience, one is a doctor), continued to deny the existence of it, ignored or misdiagnosed for patients with interstitial cystitis symptoms.

Initially, my doctor diagnosed me urinary tract infections are frequent. Therefore, I'm forced to use antibiotics to treat. But the symptoms remain, even if the inflammation was out.

The first of the urinary specialist I, a doctor under age 60, have conducted countless diagnostic tests extremely painful before told me that: "I have the bladder of an old man". It's a cruel remarks and made me-a 15 year old girl awkward, are having to endure the pain, strange, scary-decline. I was prescribe drug therapy increased bladder function. Results, not clear what effects with the symptoms I have.

The expert's lack of sensitivity and the vague diagnosis that repeats throughout over 10 years. Even when I studied myself and discovered the ability to be interstitial cystitis, the doctor still told me that it is not a true disease or it is simply part of the anxiety disorders Association of me only. All are due to my mind imagine.

In fact, until the year 1984, interstitial cystitis was considered a mental disorder in the polar body is rare in women after the menopause (as Vicki Ratner, founder and President Emeritus of the Organization U.s. interstitial cystitis). Fortunately, now that it has been recognized as a syndrome affecting both men and women, of all ages and is not a psychological disorder.

I was trying to control the symptoms, through cognitive behavioral therapy. But things only got worse when I am obsessed by fears that worried right into the toilet.


There are a number of treatments that are FDA approved, dedicated to interstitial cystitis syndrome. Among them, there are many therapies need to use allergy medications and antidepressants. I spent six weeks at the clinic, bladder filter accordingly, drugs directly into the bladder. I also join the 12 weeks of therapy

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