Lost diamond ring when gardening, 13 years after big natural tits the woman receives "surprise gift"

The ideal diamond engagement ring will cost you "a no go back" but 13 years later it still return way dieu.Nhung period luckiest person enjoying earth treasures from the "windfall" of the moment engraving windfall like winning the lottery makes you ecstatic all day girls luckiest earth winning the lottery twice in one week strange rock "swallowed up" people in a flash out of Car forget not closed, the men stunned again see this spectacle 

13 years ago, in 2004, while pulling weeds in the family farm, Mary dropped the diamond engagement ring, the engagement of her memorabilia. Although very sad, but Mary is no way to retrieve it. But 漫画 アダルト did not want her husband to know her sad loss of ring memories of the couple, she bought a replacement ring. 

Specific time goes by, things ring was lost apparently will not be repeated again, then suddenly, on a date between January 8, daughter of Mrs. harvesting carrots and discovered the ring fits between tubers carrot in the garden.

The law of Mary had seen the ring when harvesting carrots in the garden. 

Colleen Daley, daughters of Mary, said: "Seeing the ring stuck between a carrot, I was surprised and taken away to ask her husband. He recounts the mother had lost engagement ring from years ago, when she was gardening. it turns out it has reached the carrot like this. " 

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Mary delighted rediscovered his memorabilia.

Sorry Mr. Norman died 5 years ago, shortly after the 60th anniversary of their wedding. But Mary was delighted to find her e

is the story of Mary extremely lucky Grams, 84, in the province of Alberta (Canada). Since the engagement ring is extremely valuable material and meaningful, but it is quite small, if accidentally dropped, it will hardly have the opportunity to find again. Yet Mary was retrieved his ring wonderful way.


The ring was stuck in such a carrot. 
ngagement ring and said, "I will wear it because it still fits my hand." 

Mary is not the only person to be lucky to find such rings. In 2011, Ms. Lena Pahlsson also accidentally rediscovered the ring that she lost 16 years ago in the home vegetable garden. Surprisingly, the interlocking rings a small carrot, Ms. Lena was pulling it up and saw the ring.

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