This may save the patients with ex girlfriend sex gonorrhea and other diseases

Gonorrhea has long been considered one of the sexually transmitted disease, even potentially become untreatable disease in the near future. 

But recently, researchers at the University of York has announced a breakthrough research results can change this. It is a new antibiotic has been researched and developed. It is considered particularly targeted as pneumococcus bacteria but Neisseria gonorrhoeae gonorrhea named - string of bacterial drug resistance. 

Although our bodies naturally produce CO, but a recent study has shown that these molecules can help promote antibiotic. 

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Group of researchers found that Neisseria gonorrheae more sensitive to the toxins derived from carbon than most other bacteria. It means that the status of gonorrhea can be treated with antibiotic therapy using CO-RM (molecules of carbon liberated CO).

Scientists believe the breakthrough could pave the way for new treatments. The study was published in the journal MedChemComm. 

"The molecules of carbon monoxide can kill the bacteria. Gonorrhea only one enzyme to inhibit and after not providing oxygen, it will die. People still know that CO is a toxic molecules but at high concentrations it. here we are using a very low concentration and still susceptible to the bacteria, "Professor Fairlamb explained. 

Long gonorrhea has been considered one of the sexually transmitted disease

"We think the research we are a breakthrough important. It is not the remedy to last but also very effective. Maybe people think Gonorrhea is an infection caused by bacteria that normally cause but the fact that this disease is becoming more dangerous and resistant to antibiotics, "Professor Ian Fairlamb faculty of Chemistry of the University of York.

Gonorrhea can occur in both men and women. According to reports in the UK in 2014, it has about 35,000 cases. Also in the US, about 700,000 new cases each year. Even the United Nations has organized a conference in September last year to discuss the dangers of drug-resistant gonorrhea - a sexually transmitted disease the second most common.

According to the group of researchers of the University of York, this remedy use carbon monoxide - a colorless gas, odorless to attack the target.

Co-author Professor James Moir, working at the Department of Biology of the University, added: "Drug resistance is a major problem for the world. We need to use many different methods, and development of new drugs to solve this problem, to control the bacteria before the current therapy stops working. "

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