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- Pure rejuvenation in men age past is usually 47-52 years old. Now, this age lasted until 52-56, but time most dazzling testosterone increased only about 1-2 years. 
Youth age brings many fun surprises and changes in the male body. 
Psychological changes
As youth, men tend to be young again as youth both in cognitive, emotional and behavioral. The signs of rejuvenation in men identifiable potential, deposition and "hidden" and not display TVs, not noisy, crazy, frivolous, reckless as at puberty, but reveal a strong but elegant, skillful ... the Porn Parody condition of spiritual life, health, the economy of each will impact negatively on the process of rejuvenation. They expect to share feelings, are sympathetic and wish to accompany the people around. Once rejuvenated, not too eager to win but men tend to engage more, sacrifice more, contribute more.

Phase rejuvenation of men often come more slowly than women. The signs of rejuvenation in nature man potential, deposition. Though there are certain signs of rejuvenation but the level of expression in the man everyone is different. Someone strong, someone dull, and old people still have no impression of youth and did not know it comes and goes with her from when. Maybe because is dominated by much thought, besieged by pressures from life so many people do not feel all the hallmark of the youth. Just make sure that the gentleman rejuvenated means suddenly being transmitted energy creation: better health, emotional abundance rather than cold dry.
Treatment of sweating in the limbs, head forehead, underarms, back, chest ... confidence in communication and living 20 years, "miserable" with Asthma, sputum cough, difficulty breathing because not known La Hen 

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When recovery spring, men tend to rejuvenate both in thinking, emotions and behavior, even the demand. This phase, duty to family, children have almost finished so men prefer to live freely according to their personal interests. Men are usually very confident youth and optimism. These two factors make them love life more. At work, they see things in a good way up, including the associated bit optimistic excitement. In the eyes of men, men rejuvenation very easygoing, even in the eyes of the woman, the man rejuvenated ... cute. Therefore, at this age, men become more lovable and respectable.
Cachet physiological when rejuvenated
Rejuvenated by no means back to youth, it was only a stage on fire, a giving of creation before she glided on the afternoon. With his wealth or youth, sex ability as a sign of youthfulness, vigor and a proof still ... strong. Suddenly they are as new to add strength, libido and even stronger rise than the young. In particular, many people expressed interest and satisfaction to realize that they are still "running well" after dozens of years of companionship and ... languishing with his angels. However, about it, not everyone in this age also invigorating power of spring. Therefore, many people had expected, but not like that so worried, even appearing stress, confusion and then turned to his old thinking is vicious. At this age, apparently you did not want to think I was vain age, not her hair was admitted as silver, style sometimes has slowly than before. So they need to be encouraged.
Men should do to prolong and enjoy youth age?

Age youth, men's diet is very important. In the daily menu, should reduce the amount of fat and starch, but not excessive abstinence, because too skinny also have high risk of illness is no less obese. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, has anti-aging, keep fit back guarantee good health. Should limit foods derived from animals and be replaced with fish and seafood. Every day should drink at least 0.5 liters of milk reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Rejuvenated old man should quit alcohol, beer, cigarettes and other irritants are not good for this age. Instead, men should use fruit juices or drinks from natural herbs to the body to be fresh and healthy.
Exercise is also an important factor when man rejuvenated and should be a top priority. Just spend from 30-60 minutes a day to walk combined with sport exercises gently help the body more supple. Most importantly, men should choose file suit sports health, avoid overdo body will weaken. At the same time, men also need to stay away from stress and work pressure reduced to the necessary time to relax. One mode of sexual activity, consistent with the state of health is a necessary condition to prolong youth and should not be used for reproductive endocrine therapy when no designated physician.

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